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Chapter 626 Kneeling Before Heather

  • There's no reason to be stubborn now that I've been given a chance to go back to the company. After all, granny did show her sincerity by coming here to apologize personally to me. With that thought, Heather decided to inquire, “If I were to return to Jennings, what position will I be assigned?”
  • “Someone as capable as you should be the deputy general manager, of course! You will be fully in charge of our daily operations,” answered Demi excitedly before exchanging looks with Brian. The two had already agreed that they would temporarily appoint that position to Heather so that she could solve their corporate issue for them. After she had served her purpose, they would sack her once again without a second thought.
  • Standing just beside Heather, Carmen narrowed her eyes when she sensed something off about the two visitors. She found it hard to believe that Demi would ever humble herself to ask Heather to work for the company, much less assign her daughter such an important position. On top of that, it was no secret that Demi had always sided with Brian and his family.
  • Just when Heather was about to take Demi up on the offer, Carmen quickly stopped her daughter and looked daggers at her visitors. “Only a fool would believe you. Didn't you say that the company was in trouble? What kind of trouble, exactly?”
  • “It's...” Demi never expected Carmen to see through her tricks. Embarrassed, she quickly changed her strategy and pretended to cry pitifully.
  • “I know I look desperate, but I really am out of options. Nothing pains me more than to think that I'm the one responsible for the end of Jennings. You're our only hope, Heather. Only you can persuade the chairman of Four Seas Corporation to help save our company.”
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