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Chapter 625 Begging Heather Again

  • “After what you did to Heather and her family, she must loathe us! Why would she even consider helping us?” asked Brian while shaking his head.
  • “Don't worry yourself. I know exactly what kind of person Heather is. All I have to do is apologize to her personally, and she will undoubtedly forgive me,” responded Demi solemnly.
  • At the sound of that, Brian was immediately filled with hope. There's definitely a chance that Heather will decide to aid us if mom talks to her. As long as she's willing to plead with the chairman of Four Seas Corporation for us, we'll make it worth her while.
  • “All right then. I'll tell them that you've fallen severely ill and ask them to visit you at the hospital,” suggested Brian.
  • In response to that, Demi shook her head. “No, that won't do. I have to go to them myself. Only by doing that can I show them how sincere I am.”
  • “But what about your condition?” inquired Brian concernedly.
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