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Chapter 610 In The Same Pool

  • Seeing Alex's somewhat surprised expression, Maggie was a little shy at first. But soon, she put on a charming smile and then quietly cast a loving look at him. Her eyes were a little bold but also a little shy and provocative.
  • Alex, who had not been intimate with Heather for a while, felt the flames of desire burning within.
  • Looking at Maggie's tenderly expressive face and seeing her somewhat fiery and bold gaze, Alex's heart began to throb loudly.
  • He pretended not to notice her looks and glanced away from her.
  • Maggie was Alex's important business partner and could even be considered a friend, while Auriel was his apprentice. He could not expose the animal desire within him in their presence as that would be very embarrassing.
  • The girls walked toward the pool like models, their bodies swaying. To Alex, it was like watching an exciting lingerie show.
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