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Chapter 609 Wearing A Bikini

  • Before they entered the hot springs, Jason ran over in a hurry and urgently apologized to Alex.
  • Alex did not and could not hold him responsible for Obadiah's wrongdoing.
  • When he realized that Alex had brought two beautiful ladies to dip in the hot springs, Jason smiled and arranged for him to go to the best pools. Then, he left.
  • The customers could have a private suite. Behind the suite, there was a large yard that was about 100 square meters wide, and the private hot spring pool was located in this yard.
  • The water in the hot spring pool was drawn from the underground hot spring, and it flowed into the hot spring pool continuously, keeping the temperature of the hot spring very comfortable.
  • The suite which Jason arranged for them was better than the one Maggie got for them.
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