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Chapter 605 Despair

  • Bob glared at the woman in disdain. “Didn't you mention that you have several million followers?”
  • The woman nodded frantically. Is he going to let me go if he thinks that I will expose him?
  • With that comforting thought in mind, she regained some semblance of composure as she unlocked her phone to show Bob her screen. “Look, Mr. Lane. I have three and a half million followers.”
  • Bob snickered and snatched the phone away from her which was still streaming the event live. “Tell them that you are a loose woman and a stupid b*tch,” he ordered as he pointed the camera at her broken nose. “Tell your followers that ten times.”
  • The woman gaped at him in disbelief. “Please, Mr. Lane,” she sobbed. “Please don't make me do that! I'll be ruined!”
  • “Are you going to or not?” Bob's voice was icy.
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