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Chapter 604 How Dare You

  • “How dare you disrespect Alex?” Bob snarled as he stepped on Zachariah's head. “Even if your boss David does this, I will beat the sh*t out of him like I'm doing to you!”
  • Obadiah was stunned. Even his men stood around uncertainly.
  • “Mr. Lane, please have mercy,” Zander howled. “What is going on?”
  • Bob landed another vicious kick onto Zander's stomach. “I owe Alex a debt of eternal gratitude. If you're picking a fight with him, you're picking a fight with me. Is that what you want to be doing?”
  • Bob knew that Alex did not like his identity being exposed, hence his hastily concocted lie.
  • If Alex is not sufficiently appeased from this indignation, I'm going to be in so much trouble. Why the hell did I have to poke my nose into this?
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