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Chapter 602 Who Is He

  • Obadiah nodded as he took his time to study Alex.
  • After glancing at him up and down carelessly, Obadiah noticed that Maggie and Auriel looked too beautiful to be ordinary customers. Alex on the other hand dressed well albeit simply, which earned him an instant disdainful impression.
  • With a final bemused glance at Auriel's BMW, Obadiah seemed to have made up his mind about the trio.
  • “My dear sir, do you know who it is that you've picked a fight with?” Obadiah asked.
  • As the regular patronage of Amora Hot Springs consisted mostly of rich businessmen, Obadiah was of the opinion that Alex and his companions did not seem to fit the bill.
  • “No, I don't. Kindly enlighten me,” Alex replied mockingly.
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