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Chapter 599 Scratch The Car

  • it moved at an incredible speed, clearly intent on beating Auriel to it.
  • As she was an inexperienced driver, the ferocity of the other driver frightened her. Fumbling and forgetting to hit her brakes on time, she crashed into the Maserati in front with a dreadful screech.
  • The Maserati was knocked sideways with a long scratch left on its body by Auriel's BMW.
  • The screech seemed to draw Auriel out of her shock. Slamming on the brakes, she cried, “What kind of a mannerless idiot steals parking spots like that?”
  • Maggie was pale with shock and indignation in the passenger seat. The driver of this Maserati is plainly bullying an inexperienced driver. If Auriel was a veteran, the Maserati wouldn't be able to have accomplished that.
  • The owner of the Maserati exited the vehicle. He was a young man with a slick head of hair donned in an extravagant leather jacket.
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