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Chapter 586 Evil

  • “Who are you? Let go of me now!” demanded Heather, who was startled when a stranger grasped her hand.
  • “I'm Stuart's father, Elvis.” The man had no intention of letting Heather go, for he wanted nothing more than to bed her then.
  • The way Elvis looked at Heather only made her more fearful, so she raised her voice even further. “Let go of my hand right now! I'm leaving!”
  • Then, Stuart suddenly laughed out loud as if he had seen something amusing.
  • For some reason, the man changed his demeanor and smirked devilishly at Heather. “Who do you think you are, Heather Jennings? You think you're all that? Well, let me tell you exactly what's going on here. You're only here because I deem that you have some value, so you better start showing me some respect. Or else.”
  • Sensing that something terrible was about to happen, Heather's face hardened. “What do you want, Stuart?”
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