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Chapter 578 Carmen Fell For It

  • Carmen was doubtful, but the moment she laid eyes on Stuart's legs, her doubt vanished.
  • Most importantly, Stuart was about to give her two million. To her, that was a huge amount of money.
  • “Stuart, you can head back first and change your bandages. I will definitely come and see you with Heather,” said Carmen with a smile.
  • “All right then. Mrs. Jennings, I will make a move first. I will be sure to prepare a sumptuous meal. Both Heather and you must come and join me. By the way, the five-star chef is from Ferropene.”
  • “That's great. Oh, please let me know the location of your villa.” The thought of a sumptuous meal made Carmen salivate.
  • After Stuart added her on Twitter and told her that he would send her the location shortly, he left.
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