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Chapter 577 Perfect Plan

  • The next day, Elvis sent Stuart back to their mansion located in the suburbs. After all, Stuart could not recover even if he remained in the hospital.
  • After two more days, Elvis spent a hefty sum hiring more martial artists. He even employed his subordinates to purchase a pistol. As long as Alex remained alive, he posed a threat to the father and son duo.
  • “Dad, I've come up with a perfect plan,” Stuart said.
  • “Oh? What is your plan?”
  • “I recall it now. Alex's mother-in-law is a woman greedy for money. She will do anything to get her hand on some cash. If I offer her some money, she will drag Heather along to see me. Then, we can capture them both and hold them for ransom. This way, Alex will be forced to come and rescue them. Once he enters the villa, we can gun him down!” Stuart said darkly.
  • After Elvis mulled it over, he agreed that it was a good idea.
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