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Chapter 573 Stuart And His Begging

  • For the next few days, Alex did not go home. Even though Heather had tried calling him several times, the man never picked up.
  • Alex was still mad at Heather and was even ready to sign the necessary papers to divorce the woman, for he had had enough of her.
  • After what happened at the bar, Heather was determined to end her marriage with Alex. However, after hearing from Carmen about Stuart's less-than-optimistic condition, she decided it was best to hold off the divorce for the moment.
  • Eventually, Heather changed her mind under her mother's persuasion and stopped thinking about getting a divorce altogether.
  • Still, Alex had been gone for days, and it was flustering her.
  • As much as Heather wanted to vent her anger at the man, it was impossible since he would not answer her calls.
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