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Chapter 563 Battle

  • Despite Alex's taunts, the man merely smiled good-naturedly. “Takeshi is the only Jetroinian martial artist who has earned my respect. After all, he is Jetroina's strongest fighter and ranked as an Unrivalled Master. Despite that, he is still not up to my standards. I will never submit to him!”
  • Alex's brows crept up his forehead. If he isn't someone sent by the Tokugawa family, does this mean he's from the Phoenix Organization instead?
  • Alex's eyes narrowed in suspicion.
  • I knew that the Morrisons wouldn't let me off the hook so easily. Sooner or later, they would have hired someone from the Phoenix Organization to assassinate me.
  • Despite Richard's past warnings to the Morrisons, Uriah was the head of the Morrisons. Alex caught wind that Uriah was currently training in isolation because he wanted to ascend his Master ranking. Once he improved his rank, he planned to annihilate the Grants.
  • Seeing how the Morrisons are openly going against Richard's warnings, Uriah must have reached a higher rank. Perhaps, the Morrisons believe that Uriah is close to succeeding.
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