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Chapter 562 Assassination Attempt

  • Before Jasmine called Alex, he was at Sakura Club. Initially, Alex wanted to craft some pills using the thousand-year-old purple ginseng. He intended to use half of it to create some Pills of Longevity, while the other half would be used for the Big Pills of Cultivation.
  • With his current level of Mortal Force, only the Big Pill of Cultivation would have an effect on his body.
  • Yet, his plans were interrupted. Alex found himself fuming with anger after he received Jasmine's call.
  • He wasn't angry that Heather was on a date with another man.
  • Instead, Alex was furious that Heather had gotten Dylan hurt. After all, Dylan was a sworn brother of Alex's.
  • Immediately, Alex set his navigation toward Palatial Bar and drove there in haste.
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