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Chapter 547 With Just Them

  • At that precise moment, Stuart and Jacob strutted out.
  • As they both fixed their eyes on Alex, who was surrounded by the bodyguards, a confident smile flickered in their eyes.
  • After all, the eight men Stuart assembled were mercenaries his father hired at an exorbitant price from The Brecknock War for him. Therefore, they were all ruthless killers.
  • Even Jacob, who knew that Alex was very powerful, was imbued with confidence and no longer harbored any fear within him after learning of the mercenaries' background.
  • “Alex, you should've known your place as a live-in son-in-law instead of acting high and mighty in front of Mr. Nixon. Look, no one can save you now!” He wore a gratified expression as he eyed Alex.
  • Truth be told, he had long since disdained Alex and wanted to eliminate him.
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