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Chapter 534 Please Teach Jessica

  • After Heather showered and prepared to make supper, she heard a notification alert from her phone.
  • It came from one of her fans on Twitter.
  • Today, she added a few fans. However, there were too many groups to add, and Twitter only could allow her to add a few hundred of them. Therefore, she stopped doing it after some time.
  • Since it was from a fan, Heather picked up her phone to check the notification. To her surprise, the message read: “Hello! I am from New Media Organization. Our chairman saw potential in you, and we like to offer you a contract. If you take it, we will promote you and make sure you become a top live streamer in no time.”
  • The message took Heather by surprise. She had no clue what the organization did. Therefore, she went online to search about them instead of immediately replying.
  • Taking a seat, she searched about them and finally understood their job scope.
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