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Chapter 527 I Will Lick It

  • Jacob, who was in so much pain, begged, “Mr. Green, I have spent a million to become a member, and I am also a customer here. The way you have humiliated me isn't the way how you treat your guests!”
  • Warner was incensed. “You're a member here, but that doesn't give you the right to provoke Mr. Jefferson. Do you know who he is? Even Old Mr. Grant has to extend some courtesy to him. Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you offend Mr. Jefferson? As for your membership fees, I will refund you. The entire Jennings family is blacklisted from today onward. None of you are allowed to visit Palladium Club. Even if you are accompanied by others, you will be banned as well!”
  • Turning to the security guards next to him, Warner ordered, “Men! Take them to the men's restroom. If they don't lick the urinal clean today, don't let them leave!” The next thing they knew, a few security guards dragged them away.
  • Jacob was about to go crazy. The security guards actually dragged them to the restroom.
  • To top it off, the membership card that he had spent a million on became invalid just like that. This is too much!
  • However, right now, Jacob would not dare to utter any complaint and there was no way he was going to lick the urinal.
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