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Chapter 525 Let Them Drink Piss

  • Warner gnashed his teeth, exasperated by their antics. “Don't you know that this Supreme VIP membership card is one which Ms. Grant has specially designated for Mr. Jefferson, and it's the only one of its kind within Palladium Club? Yet, you continue to run your mouths and insult Mr. Jefferson and Ms. Grant. Do you think that I, Warner Green, wouldn't dare to lay a finger on you today?”
  • “Huh?” Jacob and Harper were bamboozled to learn that this Supreme VIP card was actually conferred upon this piece of trash by Maggie herself.
  • How could that be possible?
  • They could no longer be in denial of this after hearing of it from Warner himself.
  • That was when they realized what a grave mistake they had made, not only slandering Alex but also slighting Maggie herself in the process. What a bummer!
  • But how could this good-for-nothing possibly have won the favor of Ms. Grant?
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