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Chapter 521 The Threat

  • Alex looked at the siblings as if he was looking at two ignorant fools. He smiled, revealing two rows of pearly white teeth, and said innocently, “Wrong again.”
  • Jacob frowned. “Damn it. You're not a member of any kind. So how did you get in?”
  • “Jacob, he must have slipped in when the guards were not looking, just to take some food and drinks,” Harper jeered.
  • She glared at Alex and added mockingly, “You came to the wrong place today. This is the newly opened high-end club of the Grant family, which opened only two days ago. All the people who come here are rich and powerful. How dare you sneak in and cause trouble! If you're caught by the security guards, they will beat the crap out of you!”
  • Alex played along, pretending to be innocent. “I'm a member here. Why would they beat me up?”
  • “Stop lying. Let me get this straight. There are four types of membership here—Ordinary, Gold, VIP, and Gold VIP. You are none of these, so how could you be a member? You are just a laughingstock!”
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