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Chapter 518 Palladium Club

  • The Supreme VIP card that Maggie had just handed Alex was a level higher than Gold VIP and literally one of a kind. The woman had requested for only one to be made, and while doing so, she had already been set on giving it to Alex.
  • In essence, the lowest membership tier already required an entry fee of five hundred thousand, whereas it would cost one million and five million for the Gold and VIP tiers respectively.
  • As for the Gold VIP tier, one had to come from a family containing assets worth over a billion to qualify.
  • Therefore, to the outside world, a Gold VIP tier membership was unlike any other.
  • Alex wasn't even interested in such things, but he didn't want to turn Maggie down either. The latter was sincerely offering him a Supreme VIP membership, and it would only seem unreasonable for him to reject it.
  • Hence, he took the card and thanked her before heading outside.
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