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Chapter 510 This Woman Is Probably Crazy

  • “What's the point of begging him? He's just a driver. What kind of jobs can he arrange for us?” Lucas said disdainfully.
  • He had always looked down on Alex. This was especially so after he was appointed purchasing manager at Jennings Corporation.
  • “What do you know? Even though Alex is just a driver, he is very close to the chairman who trusts him a lot. As long as he is willing to plead with the chairman, the chairman will definitely do us a favor and get a job for you two. This is definitely better than being unemployed,” Carmen said.
  • “Go ahead and beg him. I don't want to do that,” Heather said huffily.
  • When she approached Alex to reconcile last night, she did not expect him to be angry with her instead. It took a lot for her to put down her dignity as a woman to approach him directly, but she was met with rejection. This infuriated her further, and there was no way she could go and plead with him now.
  • Carmen frowned. “Heather—”
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