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Chapter 505 Forget It

  • Since Alex was the chairman's chauffeur, the three assumed he had the man's ear. After all, he would not have been gifted a two-million luxury car if his boss did not value him.
  • If the chairman did not wish to see Heather, the three could only seek help from Alex, for they believed that Alex could persuade his boss.
  • “I don't think so. The chairman hates nothing more than a greedy and ungrateful person,” sneered Alex as he glanced at Carmen, then at Heather.
  • “He was very generous when it came to helping you, wasn't he? First, he lent you thirty million to save Jennings Corporation. Then, for your sake again, he acquired the corporation and gifted you ten percent of the shares. And what did you do? Remember how you repaid the man's kindness?” asked Alex rhetorically. “Do you know how heartbroken he was when you requested him to sell the shares back to the Jenningses at the original price? He immediately distanced himself from you and your family. The chairman also warned me never to speak of your family ever again, or I'll be laid off.”
  • With that, Alex returned to the kitchen to fetch more food, leaving the trio to their thoughts.
  • After listening to the man, Heather finally figured out why the chairman had been so helpful toward her. Alex was the only reason the chairman helped me. I don't think he would've even considered it if it weren't for Alex. And here I thought the chairman helped my family because he liked me. How stupid can I be? The man probably doesn't even give a damn about me. He only helped for Alex's sake, and yet my family treated Alex like crap. They hurt him over and over again.
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