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Chapter 504 My Son In Law

  • Lucas was having the time of his life working as the manager in that department, so he would rather not be repositioned as deputy director in another one. Not only is it tiring to work in the project management department, but I'm also required to travel for business. No, thank you.
  • “I have somebody else in mind to position in the Purchasing Department for the moment. But don't worry. Just work on improving your skills, and you'll be promoted very soon.”
  • “Fine.” Lucas had no choice but to nod in agreement.
  • Seeing that her grandson finally agreed, Demi continued, “I've decided to appoint Harper as the manager of the Purchasing Department. Is that okay with you, Harper?”
  • “Yes, Granny. I'm okay with it,” replied Harper with a big smile since she, too, was well aware of the benefits of the department.
  • Although Harper was married into the Hale family, she did not work with them. That was why Demi decided to have the young woman at Jennings Corporation.
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