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Chapter 499 Celebration For Lucas

  • Tyrael was an excellent doctor and managed to piece the broken bones together much more skillfully than the doctors in the hospital.
  • His personal anesthetic was more effective than partial anesthesia. Stuart did not feel any pain at all.
  • After that, Stuart was stayed in Tyrael’s clinic to recuperate.
  • When he thought of how he would make a full recovery in a week, a murderous glint flashed across his eyes.
  • When my legs recover, I’ll make sure to break Alex’s limbs! When I’m done with him, he’ll really be a good-for-nothing! Not just mentally, but physically as well! There’s no other way to appease my anger. How dare a live-in son-in-law like him break my legs? If I don’t cripple him, I won’t be able to walk with my head held high!
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