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Chapter 479 You Better Watch Out

  • “Don’t you think that it’s ignominious to have the director of Ivy Media Group ask for help?” Alex teased Stuart, who was trying to get the boss of the exhibition center on the phone.
  • “Alex, you better watch out. I’ll return you this favor in multiple folds!” Stuart gave Alex a death stare as he tried to scroll through his contact list for the much needed phone number.
  • Indeed, this will surely hurt my dignity and reputation as the director of Ivy Media Group, I can’t believe I am calling for help to settle such a petty situation.
  • “So, you want to fight me, Stuart the b*stard? Or are you calling a group of gangsters to do so?” Alex challenged him further.
  • Stuart was a gentleman and he would definitely not start a fight, especially in front of the beauties.
  • Moreover, he knew clearly what he was capable of. Fight? That’s the job of the bodyguards.
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