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Chapter 476 No Right To Touch It

  • Stuart said mockingly, “Don’t you try me. I can buy you any car that is on display here today, except for this one which has been purchased in advance by somebody else. There isn’t one car here that I can’t afford. In fact, I plan to buy one for your wife.”
  • After poking fun at Alex, Stuart turned to Heather. “I value our collaboration, Heather, and I’d like to present you something as a token of appreciation. You can choose any car on display except for the one in the middle. It’s about time you replace your second-hand car. I think one with strong horsepower suits you. If you like the RS series, I’ll get you a premium RS8, which is only two million.”
  • Stuart did not intend to woo Heather but he thought that it was worth spending a few million in order to get to know the chairman of Four Seas Corporation through her.
  • “Ms. Jennings, won’t you accept the token of appreciation from Mr. Nixon?” Ally knew what Stuart had in mind, so she quickly persuaded Heather to say yes.
  • As a matter of fact, the idea was originally proposed by her. Stuart thought that it was a good tactic and went along with it.
  • Heather shook her head and declined, “Thank you, Mr. Nixon for your generosity but I cannot accept such an expensive gift.”
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