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Chapter 473 Why Are You Here

  • Alex suddenly spotted Heather, and there was another man and woman next to her.
  • The handsome man was dressed in a smart suit. Indeed, it was the new chairman of Ivy Media Group, Stuart Nixon.
  • The woman with her had a beautiful figure and was donned in a revealing dress. She was Ally Morin, Stuart’s secretary.
  • While Ally was a beauty as well, she still lacked in class in comparison to Heather.
  • “Heather, come take a look at this Bugatti. It is worth forty million and is a world class treasure. I wanted to buy it, only to have someone go before me,” said Stuart regretfully.
  • Heather stayed next to Stuart and said with a smile, “Director Nixon, unfortunately, I am very ignorant when it comes to cars.”
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