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Chapter 468 Anticipation

  • After the meal, Maggie went back to Lumenopolis on her private plane.
  • She wanted to send the Pill of Longevity and Pill of Vitality back as soon as possible.
  • On the private plane, Maggie decided to keep one of the four Pills of Longevity that Alex had given her for herself.
  • I’ve seen the magical efficacy of the Pill of Longevity with my own eyes. It’s an pill that could save my life at critical times. I should keep one for myself in case I get into any trouble or accident. It will be a lifesaver.
  • One is enough to cure Grandpa’s disease, so it’s up to him to deal with the remaining two. I mean, this thing is too precious. It’s normal to be a little selfish, right? Grandpa can’t finish it anyway.
  • Holding that thought and feeling no pressure, Maggie took one Pill of Longevity from the bottle and kept it in her purse.
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