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Chapter 467 Luxurious Gifts

  • “Mr. Jefferson, this Bugatti Hermes Special Edition is on display tomorrow at the Nebula International Auto Show. I’ve already placed an order in advance and it can be collected tomorrow.” Maggie gave the smart bracelet key to Alex.
  • An ordinary Bugatti cost about twenty million, but a Bugatti Hermes Special Edition cost double the price. It was the king of luxury cars and there was only one in Nebula City and that belonged to Maggie.
  • Everyone was a little surprised at Maggie’s generous offer.
  • Alex wanted to refuse as he was contented with his R8. A Bugatti sports car was too conspicuous for a low-profile person like him.
  • But on second thought, he nodded and accepted it, lest Maggie overthink.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, this is the key to a hilltop villa at Mount Blossom. The house is ready and you can move in any time. It’s just a little gift from me. Please, you must accept this, Mr. Jefferson,” Stefan chimed in as he quickly took out a set of keys.
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