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Chapter 460 The Best Of The Best

  • Alex double-checked the herbs that Autumn had brought and directed her to sort them out on their designated shelves before returning to watch over the Alchemy Pot.
  • The Alchemy Pot was already at the perfect temperature, so he placed the Wild Thousand-Year Ginseng into the pot.
  • The main ingredient of the Pill of Longevity was the Wild Thousand-Year Ginseng. It had to be over a hundred degrees before he could add in any side ingredients or add-ons, and only after that could he begin to raise the temperature to combine them.
  • “Master, I got the herbs you sent me to get.”
  • Right then, Auriel’s chirpy voice rang out from outside.
  • Alex glanced in her direction, only to see Auriel carrying a case into the room.
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