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Chapter 456 Grab The Opportunity

  • Stefan continued, “They had no idea how powerful Mr. Jefferson was back then! To me, it might have been a way of Mr. Jefferson’s training. There are plenty of people in this world who like to put themselves through hell and back in the name of training. The tougher their situation, the harder they train.”
  • “I see.” Autumn nodded and said in awe, “How impressive. Not many people could bear to put themselves through such things for training, let alone reach his level!”
  • Stefan nodded and said meaningfully, “Sweetheart, Mr. Jefferson is going to become a huge name very soon. By then, the whole of Nebula City and maybe even the whole country’s well-known families will be clamoring over each other to have him on their side! By then, they’ll practically be throwing their most beautiful daughters into his lap! You have to grab the opportunity to get close to him.”
  • “Ah.” Autumn’s face started burning up. “Dad, what are you talking about? An o-opportunity?”
  • “Don’t act clueless in front of me,” Stefan said. “I can tell how much you admire Mr. Jefferson.”
  • Autumn squirmed in her seat for a while before shyly nodding.
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