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Chapter 453 Auriel And Her Master

  • Alex nodded and helped Auriel up, formally accepting her as his disciple.
  • Even so, he wasn’t free to teach her any medicine as of now; they would have to wait a while longer.
  • “I’m not free to teach you any medicine now. But, I think you’ve learned martial arts before, so I can ask a senior of mine to teach you that if you’re interested. He’s probably the strongest martial artist below the Master rank,” Alex said to Auriel.
  • If Auriel is willing, I’ll send her to Charlie.
  • Charlie had returned to the peak of his power after he used the Pill of Vitality to restore his Energy Field. The Pill of Vitality had increased his efficiency in training as well.
  • At present, he was the most powerful martial artist below the Master rank.
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