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Chapter 442 Jonathan And His Pride

  • Jack took the news of Jolene joining Four Seas Corporation very seriously.
  • He had been pressed under a mountain of work ever since Madison Zucker jumped ship from their company. Her sudden departure had set off an avalanche of repercussions that still gave him a headache whenever he thought about it.
  • However, the most important thing on his mind currently was that they still had not found a suitable replacement for Madison Zucker.
  • Their original plan was to go to Lumenopolis or Ruthorham to search for a suitable candidate, but everyone seemed to look down on Four Seas Corporation. They were all under the impression that being a company in a second-rate city, Four Seas Corporation was too small a company not worth any of their time.
  • The entire situation made Jack’s headache grow worse day by day.
  • Alex had already kickstarted his tech dome project thanks to the thirty-five billion investments he had managed to attract. But under Jack’s lead, Four Seas Corporation still could not settle the matter in finding a suitable female lead for the variety show. As a result, Jack started having doubts about his capabilities.
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