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Chapter 406 Despair

  • Alex tapped at Madison’s shoulders lightly with his other hand and said gently, “Don’t be too hard on yourself. To err is human. Don’t worry about work. The Galaxy Girls TV show was curated for you. We would not have it any other way.”
  • He pulled his hand out of her tight grip and turned around to head out of the ward afterward.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, I...” Madison was very upset and regretted her rash decision. She was so ashamed of herself that she felt like digging a hole and jumping into it.
  • Mr. Jefferson treated me so nicely, yet I chose to betray him because of fame. I’m really shameless!
  • Erin was taken aback by Alex’s magnanimity. She felt an overwhelming sense of admiration for him as she looked at his silhouette.
  • We were really befuddled for betraying a boss like him!
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