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Chapter 400 Bloody Hell

  • It was the first time Simon met Madison in person.
  • Previously, he only saw her on the news or television. He was pleasantly surprised that she looked even more stunning than on screen.
  • Madison had specially dressed up for tonight’s meeting. She wore a low-cut evening dress without a bra, exposing almost two-thirds of her snowy-white and bouncy breasts.
  • Simon could barely tear his gaze away.
  • Madison Zucker certainly lives up to the name of the top celebrity in Four Seas Corporation. No wonder the company focused their resources on grooming her. Her figure, complexion and features are top-notch, far surpassing my little secretary.
  • “Ms. Zucker, I would like to assure you that it is a brilliant choice to move from Four Seas Corporation to join Penguin Group. Within the next one year, you will definitely be in the ranks of the A-listers.”
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