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Chapter 383 He Married Heather

  • To Jayden, Rose surpassed his girlfriend, Lily, in every aspect. H felt an irresistible urge surging.
  • Although Alex noticed Jayden’s lecherous gaze, he was not bothered by it.
  • “Don’t be too polite, guys. You don’t need to fear me either. Go to the Golden Pavilion Club in the future. If you say my name, I’ll waive the bill for you!” declared Jayden with a grin when he saw the fear in Rose’s eyes.
  • To win the favor of such a pretty and innocent-looking woman like Rose, he had to act in an easy-going and generous manner.
  • “You’re so generous! We’ll definitely go there for drinks in the future,” said Landon flatteringly.
  • “Sure! I’ll make sure that you have a good time,” promised Jayden with a loud laugh.
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