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Chapter 373 Stefan Declares His Loyalty

  • Although Maggie was tempted, she still had to give the cheque of thirty million to Alex. Otherwise, she would seem too petty.
  • Shoving the cheque into Alex’s hand, she said, “Mr. Jefferson, this is just a small gift from me. If you don’t take it, I’ll feel bad. With regards to the expensive herbs you mentioned, I’ll inform you right away when I have the stock. Even if it’s an immensely rare treasure like the thousand-year wild ginseng, I’ll sell it to you at the market price instead of auctioning it.”
  • When Alex heard that, he nodded and kept the cheque.
  • Maggie heaved a sigh of relief too. “Then, I’ll go back and retrieve my necklace. I won’t keep you company anymore, Mr. Jefferson.”
  • Alex nodded and said, “Go, then.”
  • “Warner, attend to Mr. Jefferson,” Maggie reminded Warner again before leaving.
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