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Chapter 367 An Avalanche Of Bad Luck

  • Stuck at the customs, they were forced to pay millions in costs every day. The current situation was slowly but surely driving them to the end of their ropes.
  • Maggie was frustrated with her predicament. Noah had already performed a ritual of overcoming bad fortune on her, allowing her to transform all the negative challenges in her life into positive outcomes. There was no way she could still be so unlucky.
  • Did he lie?
  • She turned a lingering glance on Noah before continuing to speak to Fabian over the phone. “I want you to investigate the source of our problem. This needs to be solved today, no matter what.”
  • “With all due respect, Ms. Grant, our buyer has already checked a sizeable sample of our stock and found problems with each item. They don’t find us trustworthy anymore,” Fabian said.
  • “You can’t just give up like this either. Who’s going to pay for this loss?” Maggie said unhappily.
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