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Chapter 366 We Are In Trouble

  • “Now you won’t have any more problems with your fortune, Ms. Grant. You will be met with good luck very soon,” Noahr said, smiling ear to ear.
  • Maggie was thrilled. “Here, Mr. Carter. This is the ten million I promised you before,” Maggie said, nodding as she pulled out a written check.
  • At this point in time, she was already close to being driven mad by her bad luck.
  • She had celebrated her 24th birthday just a month ago. Unexpectedly, just after her birthday, she had faced misfortune after misfortune. She got into multiple car accidents which nearly cost her life.
  • Not to mention, she had even fallen and sprained her ankle while going down the stairs and scalded her hand when drinking tea. It was unbelievable.
  • But what made her most upset was that she had lost her necklace that her mother had given her before she passed on.
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