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Chapter 365 Do Not Move The Potted Plants

  • “Hmph! Damian must have used our Mountain of the Beasts name to cheat others. I didn’t expect that you guys actually believe him.”
  • Noah turned away from Alex, looked at Maggie, and continued, “Ms. Grant, this brat dared to doubt my abilities. I’ll carry out a purification ritual for you right now to resolve your issue with your chakra and show this blabbermouth the true power of the Mountain of the Beasts.”
  • Alex only laughed dryly but had a plan in mind.
  • Noah had to be the swindler who used the name of the Mountain of the Beasts to deceive others, not Damian. Maggie clearly had been fooled.
  • Alex believed that Damian was the true senior from the Mountain of the Beasts. Everyone who had heard of the Mountain of the Beasts knew of the renowned Damian.
  • Furthermore, Lexa Hill would be able prove it.
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