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Chapter 353 Why Should I Believe You

  • Alex smiled, knowing why Lexa hated him so much, but he did not mind.
  • “Teach me your Light Moves, and I will cultivate a pill which will help you to recover your Energy Field.”
  • When they were sparring in the Jones family’s house last time, Lexa’s Light Moves were unpredictable. If it was not for Alex having a much more powerful Mortal Force than her, he might not be able to defeat her.
  • Once he mastered her Light Moves, Alex was confident of defeating the killers ranked Master and above.
  • And I would not end up in the same situation with Samson Morrison last time when we could not determine the winner even after we sparred until we ran out of energy.
  • Lexa was tempted upon hearing Alex’s offer.
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