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Chapter 341 Going Against The Current

  • “My phone battery died and I only just managed to find a charger,” Alex lied.
  • “Useless piece of trash! How could your phone die at a time like this?” Heather was furious beyond measure as she yelled, “Alex Jefferson, let me warn you: if anything happens to Stanley, I’ll never let you go! I’ll kill you myself!”
  • Sweat beaded on Alex’s forehead. He had not thought something so terrible would happen while he was busy healing his wounds. He hastily reassured her, “I just spoke to Stanley’s teacher and she told me they’re okay. I’m going over to bring him home right now.”
  • On the other side of the phone, Heather sighed in relief. Alex had always been the one handling Stanley’s education so she did not even have Ms. Haden’s number.
  • The flood happened so suddenly and was so serious that she had gone fretfully insane.
  • It did not help that she saw news reports about all the children who were washed away by the rapid currents. Anxiety threatened to swallow her as tears rolled down her cheeks.
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