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Chapter 340 Stanley Is Safe

  • The news report mentioned that a lot of people had been swept away by floodwater in that neighborhood.
  • Blood rushed to Alex’s head; he felt like fainting.
  • “I have to go!” He tossed Ginny’s phone back at her before striding toward the front door.
  • “This neighborhood is flooded as well. Even the cars are almost completely submerged!” she mentioned.
  • Alex’s mind went blank. He dashed over to the windows and looked down. As far as the eye could see, it was all water. Some of the lighter cars had even floated up and were being taken away by the currents.
  • “Here, take my wallet. You can return it to me when you head in for work.” With that said, he flung his wallet at the woman. His ID and driver’s license were in there. If he took them along with him, they were bound to get wet.
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