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Chapter 339 Stanley Is In Danger

  • Ginny finished washing up the dishes before she headed back into the living room to look for Alex. When she saw that he was lounging against the couch playing with his phone, she daringly sat down beside him. Using this opportunity, she leaned her upper body against his shoulder and breathed against his neck sultrily.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, you like to watch videos, too?” she cooed with a smile.
  • Alex turned his head to look at her. The sly woman was taking every chance she could get to seduce him.
  • “Mr. Jefferson, am I pretty?” She purposely pressed her buxom chest against his arm.
  • Alex was really beginning to regret keeping Ginny as his secretary. That was one of the biggest mistakes he had ever made in his life. She really is a seductress who will not stop until she gets what she wants.
  • Locking gazes with her, he wondered, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll just do the deed and leave immediately after?”
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