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Chapter 336 What Are You Going To Do

  • Ginny was in despair. If only she had known Harry was such a crazy man back then, she never would have agreed to be with him.
  • She wailed, “Harry, please calm down and think! This is a crime you’re committing!”
  • In response, he pinned her to the floor harder and laughed diabolically while ripping off her clothes. “So what? Nobody is allowed to have what I don’t get to have. I’ll personally see to your ruination today!”
  • There was no way Ginny would be able to escape from his grip, especially not when his strength was fueled by the immense rage he was feeling.
  • Riiip!
  • At last, her T-shirt was torn away from her body to reveal her violet bra and cleavage. This only served to entice Harry further and he became even more riled up.
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