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Chapter 334 Ginny Is In Trouble

  • Due to Alex’s earlier dominating act, Carmen was unable to look him in the eye even after they returned home that night. She would feel terrified whenever she glanced at him.
  • The scene in which he had forced Susan to her death earlier today kept replaying in her mind. It was both shocking and traumatizing.
  • Another reason for her fear was that Alex might not have any money now, but he was still a member of the Jefferson family. If there ever came a day when he decided to go back home to inherit his family assets, the Jennings family would be able to reach a higher social status as well.
  • All this culminated in Carmen being wary of offending Alex further.
  • That night, Heather dragged Alex back to their room to sleep. If it were not for his injuries, she would have insisted on them engaging in intimate activities.
  • As it was, she voluntarily cuddled close to him. Her voice was soft and gentle as she urged him to reconsider inheriting the Jefferson family assets.
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