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Chapter 314 Heather Is Suspicious

  • Heather’s heart sank in shock as her eyes betrayed the chaos within.
  • “Alright Alex, so you have been giving me the silent treatment all because you suspected that I hooked up with your chairman? May I ask if you are blind? I come home on time every day! You, on the other hand, would randomly spend nights outside. Do you have a logical explanation for that?”
  • Of course Heather could not admit that there was another person residing in her heart now. However, she had not done anything out of line, so she was also very calm.
  • A look of sarcasm flashed across Alex’s eyes as he said coolly, “Shane is my half-brother and we are enemies. His mother killed my mother, but I can guarantee you that he will no longer be able to come and hurt you all from now onwards. Flynn, on the other hand, is not only part of the underground society but he is also my friend. He won’t hurt you either.”
  • He turned and walked away and did not continue answering any more of Heather’s questions.
  • The sight of Alex’s back view sent gloom to Heather’s face.
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