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Chapter 308 Nebula City

  • “Shane Jefferson, if you dare touch my family, I’ll kill you!”
  • Shane locked Alex up in an underground iron cage. Alex sustained injuries all over his body and could barely sit straight. Instead, he could only crawl on the wet cemented floor like a sick dog.
  • He recalled what Shane said earlier and panicked, but there was nothing he could do.
  • Moreover, two muscular men were guarding by the cage and monitoring his every movement. He did not even dare to take out the Pill of Vitality to heal his wounds.
  • The toxins from the Crippling Incense had dissipated, and he had recovered his mortal force. However, he remained immobile because he broke his four ribs.
  • At this point, he could only quietly and gradually regulate his internal energy to heal his wounds.
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