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Chapter 30 Fooled By Derek Fleming

  • Alex was surprised. He never thought that Jacob would reserve Happy Living. It seemed like he really went all the way out to get close to Kate.
  • “Jacob, your reservation for Happy Living is one of the most famous ones in Nebula City!” Harper deliberately feigned his surprise.
  • “Yes, Happy Living is set up by Derek Fleming, the king of the underworld in Nebula City. Not any Tom, Dick, and Harry can manage to get a reservation,” Jacob taunted as his gaze was fixated on Alex with despise.
  • Kate nodded in agreement. If it is a treat to myself, then naturally this should be at the best place.
  • “What a coincidence! Mine is reserved at Happy Living as well,” Alex said gently.
  • “You have a reservation at Happy Living as well?” Jacob mocked sarcastically, “Well, how about that! Can you even afford it, you good-for-nothing live-in trash?”
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