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Chapter 299 I Am Not Interested In Your Body

  • Damian glanced at Autumn without any change in his expression. “There’s a large amount of negative energy in the Jones family. I used a powerful geomancy skill to force the energy away. As the head of the family, Stefan naturally took the brunt of it. The negative energy is gone the moment he spits out the blood. The Jones family is now free of their bad luck.”
  • Stefan climbed weakly to his feet as he murmured, “Thank you so much, Mr. Kline. I am deeply grateful for your help.”
  • It was true that he felt immensely better after coughing out the blood.
  • He was not the only one; the other Joneses had felt a change in their bodies as well, and they swiftly thanked Damian.
  • In an instant, Damian was revered by the entire Jones family. On the other hand, they looked at Alex in disdain.
  • “Dad, let’s take a seat over there.” Autumn helped her father to the side.
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